Price increases on AB and Eureka Miniatures

Fighting 15s regrets that delivery costs, energy costs and raw metal costs mean that prices have risen with immediate effect on figures from AB Figures and Eureka Miniatures of Australia. Shipping costs in particular are accounting for a bigger proportion of costs than previously and are the main reason for the rises. Metal and electricity are relatively tiny contributors to the cost of figures, but we still need the cash flow from sales to pay the bills.

We have slightly better royalty rates on Eureka’s 18mm SYW range, compared with AB Figures, and are still reviewing the impact of costs on this range. Currently, the range is not significantly affected by the above increases but because Fighting 15s also supplies this range to retailers, we may have to change prices to maintain margins.

Some codes in our Gladiator Miniatures range – mainly elephants, chariots, wagons and equipment – have recently been adjusted in price accurately to reflect metal costs, and we will be reviewing prices shortly for this line and our Fighting 15s ranges. Although we now buy metal in greater volumes to get a better price, the new price is still more than previous prices for smaller volumes.