Coronavirus procedures at Fighting 15s

Updated: 24 March 2020

Fighting 15s is working normally, casting and packing orders. The loss of our casting room roof is suddenly the least of our worries, though with luck we will still be able to get that fixed in April.

Our ability to continue sending out orders depends on the postal service. We are still able to post out orders, and are using Royal Mail’s click and drop service. This allows us to post most orders at a post box, avoiding the need to queue at a post office. Customers, however, will no longer get tracking numbers, but most orders will be able to be delivered through a letterbox without requiring a signature.

The location at which we post orders is currently deserted by the time we turn up, so there is no risk of coming into contact with people. We combine our trip to the posting box with a trip to buy food, so orders may not go out every day.

Larger parcels that cannot be posted in this manner will be delayed until we make a trip to the main post office. Or we will instead arrange delivery by courier.

International orders may be affected by reduced air freight capacity or the closure of borders. Orders to Italy are already going by road, not air.

Good sales of our remaining stocks of AB and Eureka figures in the six months after the ending of our agency should allow us to weather a closure period if that becomes necessary, unless toilet paper goes up to £100 a pop. We have plenty of casting metal and mould blanks, and will be working on improving our online shop and remaking old moulds in the event that closure is enforced by Government restrictions on movement.

In the event of us becoming zombies, we will come for your brains. If The Winchester is still open, go for a pint and wait for it all to blow over.

Stay well, stay safe.

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