Eureka’s 10mm lizardmen arrive at Fighting 15s

400FAN109 Lizard warrior characters

400FAN109 Lizard warrior characters

Eureka Miniatures’ 10mm lizardmen have now arrived in the UK and are available to buy in the Fighting 15s shop.

The release includes:

400FAN100 Gecko Warriors – 30 assorted figures with command
400FAN101 Lizard Warriors with Long Spears – 30 assorted figures with command
400FAN102 Lizard Warriors with Short Spears – 30 assorted figures with command
400FAN103 Lizard Warriors with Hand Weapons – 30 assorted figures with command
400FAN104 Lizard Warrior Raptor Riders – 12 assorted figures with command
400FAN105 Fire Drakes with Gecko Handlers – 18 assorted figures
400FAN106 Pterosaur with Gecko Riders – 3 complete riders and mounts
400FAN107 Giant Lizard Warriors – 12 assorted figures
400FAN108 Stegosaurus with Howdah and Gecko Crew
400FAN109 Lizard Warrior Character Pack
400FAN110 Lizard Hero riding Megasaur – 1 rider and mount

All packs are £8.39 inc VAT each.