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Last updated 4 December 2018

Please read these FAQs to avoid sending a question by email that can be answered from the information below.

When should I order in time for Christmas?

Fighting 15s' cut-off date for orders for which all the figures are cast in the UK is 22 November 2018. This provides a 28-day period in which to cast figures and get them away by last posting date for UK customers. This does not mean that such orders placed after 22 November will not be dispatched in time for Christmas, simply that Fighting 15s cannot guarantee to fulfil them in time.

Deliveries from Australia have been taking longer than usual this year to arrive and therefore Fighting 15s cannot now guarantee to obtain items from Eureka or AB in time for Christmas. A delivery from Australia may bring an item back into stock, but it is not possible to predict which deliveries will arrive in time. Eureka/AB shuts for two weeks over Christmas and therefore shipments from them to us will stop from mid-December until about late February or even early March (this is because on its return to work in the new year Eureka focuses on preparations for CanCon at the end of January, and this disrupts Fighting 15s' shipments).

Because of highly variable international delivery times – from two to five weeks to some EU countries – Fighting 15s cannot guarantee the arrival of any order outside the UK in time for Christmas.

Fighting 15s itself will, unusually, be closed for Christmas this year, from 15 to 31 December inclusive. Orders placed in the online shop during that period, or earlier orders that cannot be dealt with before Fighting 15s closes, will be dealt with from 1 January 2019. Ample warning of this closure period has been highlighted in the shopping cart since November.

Is a particular item in stock, or when is a particular item due back in stock? Is this where I should look when directed by the Contact form to check the FAQs?

If you've been hunting for the right FAQ about stock after being directed here by the Contact form, you're in the right place.

Bluntly, Fighting 15 can give two answers about whether an item is in stock, either:

A. The item is out of stock.

B. The items is in stock at the time of writing, but it may be out of stock by the time an order is placed.

In the event of A, Fighting 15s regrets that it is unable to estimate when any item - repeat, ANY item - will come back into stock. For any imported item, Fighting 15s depends on a supplier's production schedules as to when that item comes back into stock once that item is placed on re-order.

In the event of B, if a customer orders an item that goes out of stock after it has been ordered, Fighting 15s will obtain that item as soon as possible. That may involve a wait of eight or more weeks, or it may be two to three weeks if the required item can be added to a shipment that is about to leave a supplier. If an out of stock item is due back in stock shortly, because it is in transit from a supplier, Fighting 15s will hold a customer's order until that order can be supplied in full in one delivery. After 1 January 2019 Fighting 15s will no longer back-order such items for customers outside the UK because of potential changes to customs laws arising from Brexit that may affect how tax is charged on follow-on items.

Fighting 15s regrets that it is not possible to have live stock levels in the shop because of the large number of codes that are cast to order and for which live stock levels are inappropriate. Fighting 15s marks items that are definitely out of stock as such in the shop and deactivates the "add to cart" button as soon as possible so that the number of back-orders held is kept to a minimum. 

In short, if an item is not listed as out of stock, order it and if it goes out of stock it will be obtained as soon as possible. If an item is listed as out of stock, it is not possible to order that item.

Fighting 15s is aware that some items may appear to be out of stock "for ages". It is frustrating, but Fighting 15s repeats that once an item is on re-order it is the supplier's production schedules that affect when that item comes back into stock.

Please, please do not email Fighting 15s about stock levels or whether an item will come into stock because you will simply be directed here to the FAQs. You've been told that Fighting 15s cannot predict when items come back into stock, that any indication of current stock level may almost instantly be meaningless, that if you order something that runs out before it can be marked out of stock it will be obtained for you, and that you can't order something that is marked out of stock. That covers all the bases.

When will you have the latest items from AB or Eureka in stock?

Eureka 28mm Bronze Age Greeks, Denisovans: These codes are on order. Their arrival in the UK is subject to Eureka's production schedules.  We are currently unable to predict an arrival date.

Eureka 28mm Fantastical Mega-release (fish people, cultists, RPG adventurers): Select codes from this release are on order based on demand for related figures. We are currently unable to predict an arrival date, but do not expect the figures to arrive in 2018.

As for anything else, Fighting 15s only receives advice about new items in the week before they are actually released, and so it will usually take two to four months for them to arrive in stock in the UK.

On some codes we take a view that demand in the UK and EU may be limited and do not order in stock. Such items may be requested by email on the basis that any order by email always receives lower priority that actual paid-for orders in the shop.

Do you back-order items?

In general, if a customer orders an item and it goes out of stock before that order can be packed, Fighting 15s will back-order that item for the customer. If a long delay is expected before the item arrives, the rest of the order will be shipped before it arrives; if the item is expected within two to three weeks, the whole order will be held for that item.

After 1 January 2019, Fighting 15s regrets that it will no longer back order items for customers outside the UK. The risk is that any back-ordered item will be affected by Brexit and a change in customs laws. Refunds will be made for such items shortly after dispatch of the rest of the order.

How do I contact Fighting 15s?

Phone: Fighting 15s is best reached by phone on our mobile number +44 (0) 7790 984949. Our landline number (02380 970915) is a Skype number – see below.

If Fighting 15s cannot be reached by phone then we may be out at the post office, casting figures, or dealing with a family emergency. (Please note that the loss of a close family member means that during 2018 Fighting 15s will inevitably have to be away at times to deal with solicitors and matters relating to the estate.) Sometimes we take holiday or a bathroom break. Sometimes, by chance, that coincides with each and every time that someone calls over a period of days or weeks.

Please leave a message, making sure to leave a contact number: Fighting 15s receives a number of messages from customers who do not leave a contact number, or who leave an incomplete or indistinct number, and unfortunately we are unable to return such calls.

Paid-for orders placed in the online shop receive priority over anything else, and orders placed by phone or email take second place to them. Fighting 15s regrets that it is currently unable to take orders by phone or email because of the number of online orders that have to be processed.

Please note that in the event of a return phone call being answered by a customer's spouse who is hostile to the idea of their partner buying toy soldiers, Fighting 15s will no longer return calls to that number.

VoIP (Skype): ianiow. This is linked to our landline number +44 (0) 2380 970715 and therefore tied to our work computer. We used to use handsets that allowed Skype and this landline number to be picked up in the workshop, the office and the casting room. However, these sets are no longer supported and we can now only answer the landline when in the office. We were blissfully unaware during June and July 2017 that our landline number was not working properly as a result.

Fax: We do not have a fax number.

Email: Our email address is hq@fighting15sshop.co.uk.

Paid-for orders placed in the online shop receive priority over anything else, and phone orders and emails take second place to them. None the less, emails are dealt with as quickly as possible, though a reply may be a few days in coming if Fighting 15s is busy with orders. Fighting 15s regrets that it is currently unable to take orders by phone or email because of the number of online orders that have to be processed.

Please don't be surprised if Fighting 15s does not answer emails that ask questions that are answered in the FAQs. The FAQs are intended to avoid wasting both your and our time.

In person: Our address is Green Butts, Colwell Road, Freshwater, Isle of Wight, PO40 9SL, United Kingdom. We can receive visitors only by arrangement and at the visitors' own risk.

Does Fighting 15s accept cheques or postal orders?

No. The local branch of our bank has closed, meaning that the most accessible route for paying in cheques and postal orders has gone.

Which payment methods does Fighting 15s accept?

Fighting 15s accepts payment by PayPal and by Visa and Mastercard credit and debit cards. The site offers three payment gateways: PayPal, for payment by PayPal and by credit or debit card; Barclaycard, for payment by Visa or Mastercard credit or debit cards; and telephone payment, for payment by card without using an online payment gateway. It is the customer's responsibility to phone Fighting 15s to make payment if the telephone payment option is chosen.

The PayPal and Barclaycard payment gateways are third-party gateways, which means that Fighting 15s never sees customers' card details for payments taken through them. Payment is taken automatically at the time of ordering. Fighting 15s cannot, therefore, add items to an order paid for using a third-party gateway because we do not have the necessary payment details.

Parts of the site may refer to Worldpay, which Fighting 15s no longer uses. The site was first launched in 2005 and a lot has changed since then: we remove out of date references as we find them.

How do I pay if I do not have a PayPal account?

You can use the PayPal payment gateway to pay by credit or debit card. Fighting 15s has had to move to PayPal's express checkout system following a change in the company's terms and conditions. The express checkout, however, does not make obvious the ability to pay by card without a PayPal account. Customers need to create a "guest" PayPal account to pay by card by clicking on the "create an account" button: this will bring up the necessary page to enter payment card details – use this page to submit payment.

Alternatively, use the Barclaycard epdq gateway to pay by card.

You can also choose the telephone payment option to pay by credit or debit card. It is the customer's responsibility to phone Fighting 15s to make payment.

We regret that because of the closure of local banking facilities we no longer accept cheques or postal orders.

Is the Fighting 15s site secure?

The whole site should provide a secure https:// connection. This means that all communications between your browser and the website are encrypted and therefore secure. A padlock should show in the browser's address bar.

Can I vary pack contents?

No. Fighting 15s uses standard packs in the online shop to speed packing and administration in order to keep on top of what has become a substantial full-time workload. In short, standard packs save time.

Can I specify particular variants?

No. Fighting 15s will not supply specific variants under any circumstances whatsoever. We will no longer enter into discussion about this subject.

What is Fighting 15s' priority for dealing with orders?

Fighting 15s' prioritizes orders as follows:

First, any order placed in the online shop for which payment is taken at the time of ordering by the payment processing gateway (PayPal or card payments). Oldest orders are dealt with first. Orders for which figures must be cast are picked to the extent that it is possible, and put to one side until our casting list is big enough to warrant a casting session. Fighting 15s will in such instances skip such orders and move onto orders that can be picked and packed immediately.

Second, any order placed in the online shop for which a customer provides card payment details by telephone. Payment is taken only at the time of dispatch; and

Third, orders placed by any other means, such as by phone, post or email. Such orders require Fighting 15s manually to create an itemized invoice and manually to take payment, significantly increasing the time required to deal with an order. During busy periods, we simply do not have time to deal with such orders and they will be left until all online orders have been cleared.

Fighting 15s regrets that it is currently unable to take orders by phone or email because of the number of online orders that have to be processed.

While orders of a higher priority exist, orders with a lower priority are put on hold.

Where does Fighting 15s hang out on the internet?

Fighting 15s does not always have time to look at wargames forums on the internet, but nowadays we mainly visit Lead Adventure Forum (http://leadadventureforum.com). Lead Adventure Forum is particularly good if you want to see what other gamers are doing as projects.

Please note that we do not hang out on The Miniatures Page. Our account on that site has been locked, apparently because we raised the issue about why the site does not have a privacy page given TMP's large European user base and the introduction of the EU's General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). Because our account is locked, we cannot post on the site. See https://oozlumgames.com/2018/05/26/fighting-15s-and-the-miniatures-page. TMP has been touchy about the subject of an obvious privacy policy for some time. Fighting 15s honestly cannot recommend a website that refuses to publish an obvious privacy policy, especially since some of us have been busy complying with the GDPR ourselves.

Are there any countries that Fighting 15s does not supply?

Continuing issues with the piracy of AB Figures and Eureka Miniatures by painting services in the Far East mean that Fighting 15s will not supply under any circumstances customers in Hong Kong and China, or their near neighbours.

How accurate are the foreign exchange rates?

All of Fighting 15s' prices are set using pounds Sterling and all financial transactions are performed using pounds Sterling. For the convenience of customers in the EU and in the USA prices can also be displayed in euros and US dollars: those prices are based on the average exchange rate at the time. By definition the average exchange rate, based on the average of buying and selling rates, will always differ from the actual exchange rate for either buying or selling.

Can you explain VAT on invoices?

Fighting 15s is registered for VAT as of 1 October 2007. Our VAT number is GB 917 3277 15.
Shop prices include VAT at 20%. On invoices for orders delivered within the EU, itemized product prices and product totals include VAT. Note that the sub-total in the shopping cart is the ex-VAT sub-total, which can be verified by totalling the ex-VAT prices of individual items, and the VAT on an order is shown separately.

Please note that although postage is VAT-exempt in the UK, postage is not the same as a delivery charge. Delivery is regarded as a service and therefore attracts VAT.

In the picture below, the cart shows the breakdown of a shopping cart: the sub-total, which is equal to the total ex-VAT price of the item or items; the delivery charge ex and inc VAT; the VAT total for the items and delivery; and then the total VAT inclusive price of the items and delivery.

VAT is deducted in the shopping cart for customers who live outside the European Union provided that the correct country is chosen for delivery and that the delivery address is outside the EU.

How does Fighting 15s calculate postage?

First off, please note that Fighting 15s has a delivery charge, not a postage charge. In the eyes of the UK tax authority, offering delivery is a service and therefore VAT must be added. The whole therefore becomes not just postage but a delivery charge.

Fighting 15s calculates delivery charges based on the weight of an order and in the UK uses Royal Mail rates for 1st class signed for mail. In addition, Fighting 15s allows for the following costs: packaging materials (box, bubble wrap, Ziplok bags, packing tape) and the cost of taking orders to the Post Office (fuel and running costs of the Fighting 15s vehicle). Fighting 15s makes no allowance for the time involved in packing an order. As of December 2017, the running costs of the Fighting 15s vehicle alone were £10 per working day, and as a typical Post Office run is for 10 to 12 parcels, customers can work out that this contributes 83p to £1 to each order. Apart from postage the cost of getting orders to a Post Office is the biggest factor in determining the delivery charge. The cost of packing materials per order is from 40p to 50p and is mainly affected by the price of the box.

In general, however, Fighting 15s allows £1 towards packing materials and the cost of getting parcels to a Post Office. The delivery charge therefore is worked out of the basis of the Royal Mail rate for the weight plus £1, plus VAT.

Fighting 15s' policy is that it should on average neither make a profit from nor lose money on delivery over the course of the accounting year.

Fighting 15s sends UK items by first class recorded delivery, rather than second class. PayPal virtually insists on using recorded delivery as part of its guarantee to buyers and sellers alike, and our experience is that customers whinge if delivery takes more than one working day from advice of dispatch. Therefore we do not just stick items in an envelope and send them second class.

Fighting 15s' delivery charges are non-negotiable.

Why do some orders take eight or more weeks to fulfil?

Fighting 15s ships in bulk from its overseas suppliers to get the best deal on shipping costs or item prices, and the time taken to build up an economically viable shipment affects delivery of new stock from a supplier. In addition, stock sourced from abroad may be delayed in UK customs, taking two to three weeks to clear and be delivered.

The time that elapses from placing an order with a supplier to receiving a bulk shipment is usually from four to eight weeks, with six to eight weeks being normal. At some times of year, shipments may take even longer to arrive in the UK – typically after Christmas, and after Salute. The knock-on effect of Eureka being absent for Salute may last for months.

Fighting 15s typically orders each week from Eureka Miniatures/AB Figures. Our orders build up to create a consignment that is viable to ship. Consignments from Eureka typically arrive once per month.

Please note that orders placed with suppliers are aimed at maintaining stock levels in general: Fighting 15s does not combine individual orders from customers to create a shipment.

Why does Fighting 15s have a minimum order value?

Fighting 15s works on the basis that it must make a minimum profit on each order, and the minimum order value is set according to Fighting 15s net profit as determined each year in the business's accounts.
Fighting 15s' minimum order value of £10 plus delivery is non-negotiable.

Supermodel Linda Evangelista famously wouldn't get out of bed for less than £10,000 a day; Fighting 15s is pretty cheap at £10.

Small orders are more greatly affected by the fixed costs of processing an order and it is therefore essential to decide on a suitable break point. Hence the "Linda Evangelista rule". Please note that our predecessor, AB Figures UK, had the same minimum order value, so it's not new.

What is Fighting 15s' valued customer discount and how do I qualify for it?

Note: All of Fighting 15s' discounts are currently suspended because of the weakness of sterling against other currencies.

When available, our valued customer discount is Fighting 15s' reward for repeat customers who have ordered more than a qualifying number of orders over a particular period, usually the previous year. The discount is not necessarily awarded each year. The discount is usually 5% and is additional to any other discounts applied by the online shop.

The discount applies only to online orders, not to orders placed by phone or email.

The discount requires a discount code unique to each customer who qualifies, is traceable to that customer, and is not transferable. Codes are emailed manually to each customer who qualifies.

Does Fighting 15s hold sales?

Fighting 15s does not hold sales for the reason that regular, predictable sales (for example, Black Friday, Boxing Day, January sales, sales on the weekends of particular shows) devalue the business. 

What happens if I have a problem with an order?

The first thing to do is email or phone us and resolve it by communicating properly and courteously. All contact details are provided in the emails sent to customers about their orders; the contact page of the site also provides a form for email contact.

For customers in the UK, please check Track and Trace on the Royal Mail's website if your issue is about a delayed or missing parcel. Fighting 15s sends out standard UK parcels by 1st Class Signed For mail (or Special Delivery if the tracked option is chosen) and emails each customer a unique Royal Mail reference number on dispatch. Track and Trace allows a customer to check when a parcel was dispatched, and its current status. 1st Class Signed For items should arrive within one to two working days of dispatch, a week at the outside. Customers should therefore check an order's status via Royal Mail within one week of dispatch, not leave it two, three or even four weeks, by which time a parcel will probably be on its way back, returned by Royal Mail.

Fighting 15s finds it difficult to have any sympathy for a customer who is provided with all the information to find out where their order is, but does not use this information in time: allegedly not receiving a "while you were out" card from Royal Mail is not an excuse when a tracking reference is provided. In short: please use a tracking reference when it is provided to keep tabs on a delivery.

Customers that pay by PayPal may choose to file a PayPal dispute. However, Fighting 15s takes a dim view of customers that file a PayPal dispute without first attempting to resolve a problem by phone or email – especially if all that has happened is that a wrong code was accidentally provided – and that then use the PayPal dispute procedure in effect as a means of blackmail.

Ultimately, within the EU a dispute can be referred to the online dispute resolution service at https://webgate.ec.europa.eu/odr/. The relevant email address for Fighting 15s is hq@fighting15sshop.co.uk. Any problems with an order should first be advised by phone or email; the EU's dispute resolution service is a last resort and NOT the first thing to use. Obviously, this disputes facility will not be available when or if Brexit takes place.

Is Fighting 15s part of Eureka Miniatures?

Fighting 15s is the European agent for Eureka Miniatures of Australia. The two companies are separate, independent businesses: Fighting 15s is not, therefore, a subsidiary of Eureka Miniatures. Fighting 15s imports figures that are made by Eureka Miniatures or casts them under licence. Eureka Miniatures USA is Eureka Miniatures' agent in the USA; neither Eureka USA nor Fighting 15s are linked by anything other than the fact that we import Eureka Miniatures and AB Figures into our respective territories.

The master websites for product codes are the Australian websites: www.eurekamin.com.au and abfigures.com. Fighting 15s can only order AB Figures and Eureka Miniatures that are listed on those two sites: the US site sometimes lists advance releases, and should not be taken as a guide as to what is officially released and actually available to buy.