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Facebook: Fighting 15s
Our main Facebook page. We usually post any details of operating delays here first

Facebook: Gladiator Miniatures
Our Facebook page just for Gladiator Miniatures

YouTube: Mr Saunders' Miniatures Workshop
Our YouTube channel. Not much here at present apart from an introduction to the Fighting 15s casting set-up. More is planned. Named after the Saunders casting machines used by Fighting 15s

Fighting 15s: Twitter
You'll need to get approval to follow this because it's a private feed. It basically gets used to publish shorthand news from the Fighting 15s news page (Oozlum Games, below); in general I only use Twitter to get bus, train and ferry updates so don't expect major things about wargames and toy soldiers.

Oozlum Games
The Oozlum Games site provides our news feed for the shop. Plus Fighting 15s' own tactical Napoleonic rules, Huzzah!, are available free at Oozlum Games.

The Strange Worlds of Orun hi Kharsan
Of Tekumel, toy soldiers and modern day tales. My personal blog. It's rarely updated, but of particular interest may be the entries I wrote in June 2017 about the Saunders spin casting machine, made by the now defunct N Saunders Metal Products Ltd. (Part 1, introducing the machine, is at:; Part 2, dealing with a personal mod to get casting pressure right, is at:; Part 3 looks at repairs and refurbishment - it’s a work in progress and is at


Oozlum Games
Fighting 15s' own tactical Napoleonic rules, Huzzah!, are available free at Oozlum Games. You will also find links to the Huzzah!-related games: Martian Empires, for Black Hat's figures, and Huzzah! Glorious Empires, the grand tactical version of Huzzah! that is currently undergoing playtesting.


Eureka Miniatures
Australian manufacturer of historical, fantasy and science fiction figures. Fighting 15s is Eureka's EU agent.

Shadowforge Miniatures
Australian manufacturer of warrior women. All production is now handled by Eureka Miniatures.

Black Hat Miniatures
Previous UK manufacturer of Martian Empires and Gladiator Miniatures, which we acquired in September 2018. Black Hat's 18mm Napoleon in Egypt range, which Fighting 15s helped develop and originally sold, was acquired by Fighting 15s in March 2015.

AB Figures
AB Figures in the UK has now closed with the retirement of owner Michael Hickling. Sculptor Anthony Barton (hence AB) currently licenses his figures to be made by Eureka Miniatures of Australia. Fighting 15s became the EU agent for 15mm AB Figures by Eureka Miniatures on 1 March 2006. Fighting 15s became the EU agent for 20mm World War II AB Figures by Eureka Miniatures on 25 October 2013.